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Updated: Jun 22

A little tea time in Patagonia

Never trust “Them”.

I often share tips on what keeps me on track when setting goals and actually getting them done. That last part being the crucial part because let’s be honest, setting the goals are easy but actually accomplishing them can be a real bitch.

For this next story I’d like to set the scene by taking you back a few months…

March 15th-ish. Quarantine is bestowed upon you.

Never in a million years did you expect to have this much time on your hands. Well if you are anything like me, your brain immediately starts swirling with all of the things that you are finally going to get accomplished. Learn a new language. Get fit. Start that online business. Probably even all three!

Fast forward to today…hablas español? Are you now fit as a fiddle? Company up and running? If you don’t like your answers well I would like to say welcome to the club! Don’t be too hard on yourself! We tend to forget that everything takes time. And the majority of that time is typically spent just trying to figure out how to take the first step!

And so here’s a little story to reassure you that you are in good company:

My goal was to start a blog and get my shit together with social media (I start sweating just thinking about Instagram). So last month I finally sat my tush down and googled “how to start a blog”. (Google is typically Step #1 to anything!) To my wonderful surprise “they” said a blog should only take me about 20 minutes to get up and running. I was overjoyed with the simplicity of the whole process! Why hadn’t I started this earlier? And so true to form, I set aside 30 minutes (I figured in a beginners curve) and got right to work.

Now 4 weeks later you are reading my first blog post.

Lets start with Step 1 (according to “them”) -name your blog. Well…that took a week in itself! I was walking around scribbling ideas down everywhere. Waiting quite impatiently for genius to strike. And then when I finally came up with something I actually liked, it was already taken. I was back at the drawing board at least a dozen times. And so 20 minutes quickly became 1 week and I was only on step 1.

BUT we now have a name and so onward and upward to Step 2 – Get a domain name and set up your website. Website? I thought I was starting a blog? Welcome to 2 more weeks of me navigating through Wix, Bluehost, and Wordpress to find one that I could even understand the instructions on how to login. After hours on the phone with customer service and two refunds later, I settled on Wix and it was mission accomplished. Website was happening. I was over excited! Maybe it took a bit longer than “they” said it would, but I was sure I was going to have my first post up by that evening!

Moving right along to Step 3- Create a Tagline…WTF is a tagline?

Back to Google.

From what I am reading your tagline is the most important thing to get right. It will tell people who you are and what you are writing about. It will grab their attention. It. Must. Be. Fabulous. (No pressure at all.)

Add on 3 more days to come up with a tagline (which I am still unsure about). Then add on the fact that in order for anyone to actually read my blog I was going to have to come up with a plan for social media…let the nervous breakdown begin!

So my big idea that was only going to take me 30 minutes to put together ended up taking me 4 weeks, 4,000 hours “Googling it”, and countless bottles of wine. But you know what? I did it. I have a blog out there and even though I am WAY outside of my comfort zone I have an Instagram page to go with it.

So here’s the takeaway from this slightly embarrassing story…

You know that awkward feeling you get when starting something new? Well although it may be super uncomfortable never let that stop you. It’s actually a good sign! It means you are learning something NEW, which is ALWAYS a positive.

Whatever “they” say, go ahead and tack on triple the time (and money while you are at it). Take the pressure off by setting REALISTIC expectations for yourself! This sets you up for success rather than quitting before you even get started. As long as you are doing something everyday to move you towards your goal you are doing fantastic!

When you think you can’t…when it just seems like too much…you have got to put those big girl panties on (even you gentleman) and keep chipping away.

Do. Not. Give. Up…Ever.

Never allow yourself to get intimidated by what you don’t know yet. There is a wonderful and simple way to get you on the path of knowledge and expertise.

Its called Google. Just fricken Google it and go from there. One Google at a time.

For the record, the whole process was well worth the hassle. Connecting with everyone has been so incredible! I wanted to create this blog to give our community a place to connect other than just in a yoga studio and so far so good! I am looking so forward to this journey together and I hope you are too!

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