How to Mend a Broken OM

Keeping things fresh doesn’t just apply to your underwear my friends, it applies to your whole life. Feeling stale or stagnant is a sign that it’s time to freshen up. When it comes to our routines, we are quite the creatures of habit. We repeat the same mantra, only go to our favorite teacher’s classes, walk the same route, drive the same roads, eat the same foods and listen to the same music. We like what we like, and we stubbornly stick with it. Discovering what works for you is essential, but when your OM doesn’t seem to be working, mixing things up can go a long way. It doesn’t mean you can’t come back home to the familiar, just think of it as buying a new price of furniture for the house.

In meditation, just like everything else we can feel like our method is malfunctioning. Here are a few ways to spruce up those Oms:

#1. Practice a different technique.

Now, before you get sweaty palms over the idea of trying something new, just hear me out. Nothing is permenant. You are not abandoning your chosen method, you are enhancing it. It might take just one meditation to get things feeling right again. For example, if you typically do mantra meditation, try a mindful meditation of simply following your breath or vise versa.

Some great, simple mantras are:

AHUM (Ah-Hum)

SO HAM (So-Hum)


Remember to repeat the mantra silently and easily.

If you are new to mantra or mindful mediation you can check out my crash-course on YouTube to get you started. It’s free, it’s short, just watch it.

Another fabulous technique and one of my personal favorites is the Love Bomb.

Lie flat on your back and get comfie. Close your eyes and visualize your heart as a bright, white circle of light. Allow that circle to expand bigger and bigger bringing into it’s field of energy everyone and everything that you love (I go as far as including ice cream). Let yourself really feel all the love you have to offer and get playful with how big you can expand that circle. I personally like to play a bit of music when I do this one and I highly recommend One River by Benjy Wertheimer, John De Kadt. I know this sounds a bit hippie dippie, but it feels fantastic and can turn a bad attitude around in just a few minutes. Humor me and give it a try- you know I wouldn’t ask you to do anything that I wouldn’t do. Remember that most things new are uncomfortable in the beginning but you know better than to let that stop you.

(If you don’t like the song I suggested I have a playlist on spotifly called Savasana where you can have your pic of dreamy tunes. You can follow me on Spotify at SantuarioMia

#2. Get out into nature.

You don’t have to get on a plane and emerse yourself in the jungles of Peru to connect with nature, it can be going into your back yard, the beach, the woods by your house, or a botanical gardens. The phrase go big or go home does not apply here. In fact, it’s even more beneficial to spend small chunks of time in nature DAILY then only doing it twice a year on a big fancy trip. Taking some time to get quite in nature can super charge your batteries in a big way! So get outside and meditate.

#3. Take your practice to the upright position and do a moving meditation.

My preferred method of movement is walking because its slow enough to allow me to fully connect to my surroundings without having to think too much. But whatever you choose, be it biking, running, surfing or paddleboarding, set the intention that you will spend this time fully connecting to what you are doing. I know this is a totally radical idea, but no cell phones allowed. Turn up and tune into your five senses to catch every sight, sound, sensation, taste and smell of the experience you are having. Basically, get the hell out of your head and into your body! Enjoy the movement and let it guide you to connecting to the now because that’s the only place you truly ever are. It’s where your whole life takes place and it’s where you connect to your creativity, intuition and all those “great ideas”. This isn’t just about a fresh 15 minute meditation, this is about keeping your life fresh and exciting.

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