Life Disguised as Yoga

The basic rules of the practice (as far as I’m concerned that is)…If it always feels easy, you’re not doing enough. If it always feel hard, you’re doing too much. If your face looks like a scrunched up raisin while you practice, you are trying too hard and if you avoid all the things that make you uncomfortable, you will never grow.

Now let’s talk about your yoga practice shall we?

You see the basic rules are the same for both our life practice and our yoga practice. That’s one of the things I love so much about yoga. Sure, yoga offers all kinds of ridiculously amazing health benefits like keeping you bendy, makes you stand taller (literally), keeps your joints all lubed up, helps you choose apples over ice cream (I haven’t mastered this one yet), reduces stress which means less wrinkles and makes your mental muscles as sexy as the six pack you get from a regular practice. But the biggest benefit of cursing through another chaturanga is getting the chance to shed some light on the way you live your life.

For example, you’re in class and your mental dialogue sounds something like this:

“Second set? Easy for her to say, she has no idea how hard this is for me. Do what? Touch my forhead to the floor? Yeah right, that will never happen. This is stupid. I can’t do it. Fuck it”

Or maybe more along the lines of:

“Oh yeah, I hate this posture, perfect time for a sip of water. Uh, that weird breathing exercise again, pee break!

And then of course there’s this version:

“Dammit! I almost had it! Shit. I can do more, watch this. I think I’ll add a few more push-ups to these chaturangas, my triceps are looking a bit flabby lately. Push harder! That’s all you’ve got teach? I can go so much further, check this out”.

The way you practice yoga often times mimics the way you are practicing life. When you always avoid the things that are uncomfortable, you leave no room for growth, and when there is too much effort, you miss out on enjoying the process and the fruits of your labor (plus you are making that weird scrunchy monster face). The secret is in finding the balance between effort and ease, strength and flexibility, suffering and enjoying.

Having a deep yoga practice has nothing too with how awesome your warrior III pose is and everything to do with how much attention you are giving to the moment of opportunity to fine tune that delicate dance of finding the balance so you can be better at life. Of course standing on your head is amazing, but being able to stand firmly and confidently on your own two feet is so much more exciting.

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